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Monday, January 24, 2011

Custom Cubbies~


In the mood for a little organizing?  January seems to be the universal month to get organized.  Putting away holiday decorations, finding a place for all the wonderful gifts you’ve received …….

I needed to create more storage (convenient storage) for my publications.  Easy access was crucial so I could fill orders quickly.  I didn’t want to use a lot of space.  What I came up with has worked GREAT!  It was cheap, it looks good and will last.  Take a look.  This storage solution could work for many different organizational needs.


I purchased my cubbies from Home Depot.  They are from the Martha Stewart Living collection, the Laminate Stackable 9 cube Organizer they are $44.97.  I’ve seen the same thing with different labels in many stores.  They shouldn’t be hard to find. 

They go together easily.  With groves and pegs to hold everything together they are quite sturdy.



Included with the cubbies are backing squares to place on the back of the openings to close up some of the cubes.  I wanted to CUTE UP and PERSONALIZE my cubbies so I glued fabric to my backing squares.  I used Aleene’s “Quick Dry Tacky Glue” to glue the fabric to the backing.  Worked great and dries fast. 


single backed cubbie

So much cuter than the plain white backing squares!

completed cubbie 

For $6.87  canvas storage bins are available in an assortment of colors. Use these in any of the cubbies according to your needs (be sure to plan ahead and back the sections you’ll be leaving open).  I use the canvas bins for my smaller publications that won’t stack well in the open cubes.


I had space along one wall in my studio/office area to set up 3 of the 9 cube organizers.  Since the organizers can be stacked they have holes and pegs on the top of the units for lining up the units for stacking.  I used those to secure a top the length of the 3 units. 

   I used 1” thick particle board with holes drilled that line up with the pegs on the top of the cubbies.

   Cover the particle board top and edges with one layer of batting using a staple gun to secure.

   Lastly Cover the batting with fabric.  Pull fabric taught and staple in place.

   Drop the top in place. 

I wanted my top surface to be deeper than the depth of the cubbies so I had the top cut to the depth desired.  For support we screwed a 2” x 2” support piece to the wall.  Set the cubbies away from the wall to the depth desired.  The top drops over the pegs and rests on the support attached to the wall.

I use a small cutting mat on the top for a writing surface when addressing mailing labels and envelopes. 



Toys, office supplies, decor ……

The key to STAYING organized is to create space that’s EASY to KEEP organized.  If it’s to hard to put things where they belong….  you won’t.

Get creative ~ make a space that works for your needs.

Have a GREATLY ORGANIZED day (life)!

Blessings ~ Terri