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Friday, May 13, 2011

Day 2 in Salt Lake City

Day 2 is a L-O-N-G day!  We continue/finish setting up our booths and in the evening Market official begins with “Sample Spree”.

Here are what the isles look like as we try to maneuver and set up.  The larger companies ship there booths in huge crates that make getting around a little tough for awhile.



Sample Spree is 2 hours of insanity!!  Women shoppers at……well I hate to say it but – their worse.  Lets say….very enthusiastic shoppers.  Sorry not everybody but it is a bit crazy!

Sample Spree is where the vendors can sell samples, discounted patterns, fabrics ……  We had samples of our smaller projects with a dozen patterns for the shop owners to take back to their stores.  Samples sell product so they love to get samples.

It’s 2 hours of intense shopping.

They line up hours ahead of time to be the first in!


My favorite long arm quilter Loretta got to come to Market and she helped out in our booth.  Here she is hauling our pumpkin samples to Sample Spree.



The Moda booth always creates a stir.  It is a very large rectangle of tables with the employees in the center and fat quarter bundles stacked about 3 feet high solid on the tables.  This is where a lot of the shoppers head to get the latest fabrics from moda as soon as the doors open.  They literally RUN!

They are often 6 people deep solid around the outside of the tables all trying to reach in and grab the fabrics they are after.  It’s a MOB!



At Market men become the bag holders!

Note the large “Utah” bags from the Moda booth. 


Tired and happy shoppers checking out their purchases.  My sister Brenda said it looks like Halloween when we’d sit on the floor, spread  out our candy and trade.  Good memories!  I’m sure these ladies will make some good memories this weekend.


At 10:00 pm we all pack up our tables and take things back to our booth and then back to the hotel to get a little shut eye so we can be bright eyed and bushy tailed in the morning when the full market opens!

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