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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Antique Quilt gift

Hello Everybody! 

Once again I’m apologizing for being gone so long. I’m back and reinvigorated to blog.  Life’s been crazy and it’s always hard to know what to share and so I just got stumped, but….. I’m truly a teacher at heart.  I love to teach, create and inspire so here goes.


I L-O-V-E  quilts of any vintage.  I’ve collected quilts from different eras.  I buy a quilt because I love it.  Not because it’s perfect or a particular pattern.  If it speaks to me I consider it.


I’ve purchased quilts from private parties, garage sales, resale shops, ebay, you can find them anywhere.  I’ve also received them as gifts which brings us to the little lovely below.

My sister and mom gave me this quilt as a gift for my birthday.



An adorable child's appliqué quilt.

It’s all done by hand.  Definitely 30’s fabrics.


quilt 2

quarter quilt

Here are some close-ups of the sweet little appliqué's.








I love the “binding”.   It’s not really binding in the sense that it’s fabric stitched to the front and folded around to the back as we do today.  The blue edge is only on the front.  It’s stitched to the front edge and then the back is stitched to the quilt “pillowcase style”.  You probably can’t see but there are OODLES of miters on that blue edge.



edge detail 

In the picture above the quilt edge is folded back so you can see what I was talking about.  The only way I could think this was done included a whole lot of work!!

When you see an old quilt do you ever think about its life?  I always do.

70 – 80 years ago, probably a woman, thought so much of a special little one they made this enchanting little quilt for them.

Was it for a baby that was on the way?  A special little toddler in someone's life?

Did the child's mother make it?  Grandma?  A special friend?

What was its life like?  It’s in very good condition.  The corners are not worn out from being snuggled with or drug around by a child.  Was it passed down through a family, or just packed away and forgotten about.

Whatever its story, it’s now living in a home where it is loved and appreciated.  I will display it along with other quilts in my home.  I’ll always wonder what it’s life was like before coming to live with me.


Thanks for visiting!

Blessings ~ Terri