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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Fabric Delivery!

I love it when that UPS guy comes in his big brown truck with a fabric delivery!  As you may know those of us in the quilting industry are insanely busy gearing up for International Quilt Market in May.  Yes I am one of those insane persons.

So today one of those boxxes arrived from EE Schencks full of Maywood fabric.  It's always an exciting moment!  For one - It's FABRIC!  Two - it means I'm much closer to FINISHING projects for market.

I'm excited about the new little patterns (Tiny Treasures) I'm releasing this spring.  One will be familiar to some of you but I'm introducing it to the rest of the world.  A pattern that my friend Amber Hiebert designed  I'm calling "Lil Punkins".  I was thinking they would be so cute in Maywood Studios "Woolies" amazing flannel.  I asked Gail at EE Schencks about getting some pieces to make the punkins out of, and this is what I got! (Actually that's about half of it)!

Gail's AWESOME!  She also sent me some little prints I requested to make samples of another Tiny Treasure (little cone trees).  Cute Cute! 

OK, back to work.  I've been on the computer writing patterns all week and I'm going to sit down and "grow" some Lil' Punkins this evening while watching the Trail Blazer game.  If it's their last, as we're fearing, it will be sad (and my son will be grumpy) but there's always next year!