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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Final Market Post

One final post about market.  There's so much to Quilt Market it's hard to decide what to show and talk about.  The following pictures are just to give you a feel for things.  I took these early before all the people crowded the booths and isles so we'd have better photos to look at.

I listed their blog here because their latest post features the new quilts that were in the booth.  I ADORED the quilt on the right wall!  There's a good picture of it on their blog.  I think I'm going to have to make this one.  By the way ~ Hollyhill Quilt Shoppe bought all their patterns so they will be available through them. 

Minick and Simpson are the designers of the Bar Harbor line by Moda that we used on the Quilt Sampler quilt.  Love those red, white, and blues!

Another designer that used the Bar Hargbor line.  So pretty.  I'm sorry I don't have the link to their wesite.

Adorable little girls clothing!

So the booth above was my favorite booth at market.  It is the booth of Bonnie (mom) and Camille (daughter).  They each have their own pattern company but always show together at market and design fabric together.  Their booth featured their new line by Moda called "Bliss".  I think the reason I liked the booth so much was the fabric.  I love this new line!  The colors are so clean and fresh.  Love the quilt on the left!  May need to make that one too!  They also have a small line of brushed cottons (flannel like) that go with the line.  Yummy for backs.

This is Marsha McCloskey and quilts from her newest book "Feathered Star Quilt Blocks II".  Loretta Orsborn, of Orsborn Precision Quilting in Woodburn Oregon quilted her beautiful star quilt on the back wall.  It was fabulous!  Sorry you can't see the quilting any better.  Marsha's website shows it better.  Loretta did the quilting on all the quilts in my booth this year and she did such a fabulous job!  If you have a quilt that deserves some very special quilting Loretta's the one for you.  Shoot me an email and I'll give you her contact info.

Another feature at Market is a "Quilt Show".  The quilts in these shows are always incredible masterpieces.  Take a peek below at a few of them.

So at the close of market an incredible amount of work begins.  The carpets are rolled up and the huge crates and boxxes are brought back in for packing up.  Everyone is packing and hauling there stuff out while large machinery driven by men who think they own the road (whoops did I just say that?  They were not being careful enough for my comfort)!  One good thing about pack up, it goes alot faster then set up!!

The wonderful Busby's had room in their trailer and hauled all my "stuff" back to Oregon for me.  Take a look at this ~

This picture doesn't really show the magnitude of "stuff" sitting outside the trailer that needed to go inside.  We all looked at it and said "NO WAY"!

But as you'll see below, "YES WAY"!  Jeff's the man!  It's all in with not an inch to spare!

So we're all packed up.

My sister Brenda and I stayed a few extra days to see some sites around Minneapolis. 
What did we do?

Shopping ~ um
and more Shopping.

Does it count that we did different types of shopping in different settings?
Fun vintage stuff at the wonderful "Hunt & Gather".
Jewelry, clothing and shoes at the incredible "Mall of America". 
Antique and yarn in the quaint little town of Stillwater.

We girls did not let any dust settle under our shoes!

We even took in a baseball game.  Twins versus the Yankees in the brand new Target Field.  Home of the Minnesota Twins.  (Boy I almost sounded like I knew something about baseball).   My first major league baseball game.  Brenda is a big baseball fan.  She would like to visit every stadium in the US in her lifetime.  We checked one off the list for her.

Oh, did I mention after 5 innings and no score the game was rain delayed.  A big thunderstorm came over the field.  After an hour and a half they called the game.  Yes we waited, but we came prepared.  Guess what we did while we waited?  Hint above......we whipped out our knitting and started our wool felted bags we were going to make!

So that's it.  Our market experience.  Thanks for coming along, hope you enjoyed the ride. 
Remember to comment.  The drawing will be on Monday for the market goodies.

Blessings ~ Terri

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