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Friday, May 21, 2010

Minneapolis ~ Quilt Market

We made it to Market!  It's been a lot of work!  This being the first market I've shipped to - I decided to get my props from local businesses to avoid so much shipping cost.  It's been a job.  Sharon and Gail the owners of Sew Many Quilts is Bend came in to Minneapolis early to help me set up my booth.  They've been incredible!  Would have never made it without them.

Following is a little glimpse of arrival, set up, and the start of market today~   Hope you enjoy!

Headed into the city through the car window.

There are many beautiful old churches in Minneapolis.  We came around a corner and the reflection of this one was pretty cool!

The waiting beginnings.  Semi's, suv's, and trailers, oh my! 

The before picture.
Boxxes and a few props piled in my booth.

I'm so glad I didn't have to unpack all of these!  The boxxes and wooden crates FULL of product that comes is is amazing!

Set up is a lot of work.  Drapes, chandelier, and quilts to hang (in a beautiful and creative way) props to set, roll out the rug and......

My sister Brenda finishing up last minute projects.



Booth set and ready for market!
More pics tomorrow.

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Blessings ~ Terri