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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

New Blog!


Tidbits by terri staats

Please join me over at my new blog.  Tidbits!  (Click on the underlined title above).  We will be working on moving all the old posts over.  Be sure and BOOKMARK the new location! 

See you there!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Are you ever in a Funk?

I hope you’ve had a GREAT summer!  I’ve had a very busy one, GOOD busy!  But I found myself in a funk.  There’s not really any other way to say it, FUNK.  Not quite right. 

I had some projects I needed to work on and had a free afternoon so I sat down to my machine and began sewing.  Half way through the afternoon I realized “I’m feeling really good” and it dawned on me – I’d been so busy I hadn’t taken the time to CREATE in awhile.


I ran across this on Pinterest that evening and it completely summed up my Funk.  That built in yearning to create had not been meet.  I’m at my best when I can spend a little time each day (or at least often) to meet that inner desire.

What is your inner desire that feeds your soul?  Is it creating, writing, serving others.  If you don’t know…give it some serious thought. 

Be sure to make the time to nourish your soul.

Thanks for visiting! 

Blessings ~ Terri

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Antique Quilt gift

Hello Everybody! 

Once again I’m apologizing for being gone so long. I’m back and reinvigorated to blog.  Life’s been crazy and it’s always hard to know what to share and so I just got stumped, but….. I’m truly a teacher at heart.  I love to teach, create and inspire so here goes.


I L-O-V-E  quilts of any vintage.  I’ve collected quilts from different eras.  I buy a quilt because I love it.  Not because it’s perfect or a particular pattern.  If it speaks to me I consider it.


I’ve purchased quilts from private parties, garage sales, resale shops, ebay, you can find them anywhere.  I’ve also received them as gifts which brings us to the little lovely below.

My sister and mom gave me this quilt as a gift for my birthday.



An adorable child's appliqué quilt.

It’s all done by hand.  Definitely 30’s fabrics.


quilt 2

quarter quilt

Here are some close-ups of the sweet little appliqué's.








I love the “binding”.   It’s not really binding in the sense that it’s fabric stitched to the front and folded around to the back as we do today.  The blue edge is only on the front.  It’s stitched to the front edge and then the back is stitched to the quilt “pillowcase style”.  You probably can’t see but there are OODLES of miters on that blue edge.



edge detail 

In the picture above the quilt edge is folded back so you can see what I was talking about.  The only way I could think this was done included a whole lot of work!!

When you see an old quilt do you ever think about its life?  I always do.

70 – 80 years ago, probably a woman, thought so much of a special little one they made this enchanting little quilt for them.

Was it for a baby that was on the way?  A special little toddler in someone's life?

Did the child's mother make it?  Grandma?  A special friend?

What was its life like?  It’s in very good condition.  The corners are not worn out from being snuggled with or drug around by a child.  Was it passed down through a family, or just packed away and forgotten about.

Whatever its story, it’s now living in a home where it is loved and appreciated.  I will display it along with other quilts in my home.  I’ll always wonder what it’s life was like before coming to live with me.


Thanks for visiting!

Blessings ~ Terri


Tuesday, March 6, 2012


When I’m not quilting, designing or creating I love taking pictures.  I loved taking pictures as a kid on an old box camera that had been my grandparents.  I have albums of pictures I took as a kid.

I’ve never stopped taking pictures.  Boy have things changed over the years.  Today there are such fun programs and applications that can edit and enhance photos.  I’ve been playing around with one that’s available as an app for the ipad and also an online site that you can go to and play with your photos.  I love that I don’t have to download anything to my computer to use the product.

I took pictures this past weekend at a family gathering.  My daughter had a beautiful bouquet of yellow tulips on her table.  thought I’d show you the original and a few of the enhanced versions.


original photo


aladdin, subtle, scan tulips


metal tulip pic 

tulips blackenhiet


 Here’s a link if you’d like to give it a try. pixlr-o-matic  Sometimes these little tweaks can really enhance a photo or add a little “umph” to an otherwise dull photo.

Hope these yellow tulips bring a little spring into your day!

Thanks for visiting!!

Blessings ~ Terri


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Sunday, February 26, 2012


In the studio this weekend we had one of the monthly “Sleep in your own Bed Retreats”.  Among all the fabulous projects being worked on there was a lot of bag stitching taking place.

A group of us made the "Tango" bag by Silk Road Creations.  Love the bag!!  It goes together smoothly and we all loved the finished product.  What I personally like about it is my ipad fits in the interior pocket perfectly and there’s plenty of room left for anything else I want to carry.

Here’s a peak at our “Tango” bags.

4 models

From left to right the bag creators are Julie, Terri (me), Jeanie, and Sandy.

sandy's bag


my bag

 Jeanie's bag


Julie's bag


Shirley's bag

Shirley’s bag (not pictured in the line up above).  Shirley was leaving and threw her bag over her shoulder and I just had to take a picture.  Is it not adorable on?  Thanks for modeling Shirley!


Did you happen to notice a theme in the bags?  There was a lot of Sweetwater Love going on when we made these bags.  5 out of 6 of the bags were made with fabric by Moda designers Sweetwater.  This happened just by chance, we just showed up with our fabric and ……. you saw what we had!  They’re such fun fabrics and they make great bags.

Julie's diaper bag

Julie not only finished her “Tango” bag but made this adorable "Pocket Parade Tote" by Penny Sturges of Quilts Illustrated.  She made it to be used as a diaper bag. 

Sandy's city zipper

Sandy also finished 2 bags this weekend.  Along with her “Tango” bag she finished this "City Zipper Tote" also by Penny Sturges of Quilts Illustrated.  More on this bag in my next post.

Hope you enjoyed the “Bag Parade” and that we’ve inspired you to give one a try.

Have a great week!  Be sure to take some time nourishing your creative side this week!!

Blessings ~ Terri

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Parquet Tablerunner

We had another fun day of Christmas Club classes in the Sweet Treasures studio yesterday.  I have 14 women who come to the studio the second Monday of each month to make something for gift giving or decorating with. 

This month we were working on tablerunners.  I try to plan projects that we can get close to finishing in the three hour class.  Most of the time we’re not completely done but just about.  Depends on how fast we work ~ or should I say….. how much we talk!

Two tops were finished in class and I thought I’d show you their runners.  Barb and Maridell were very good sports.  They were so close to finishing and dare I say, umm….. I cracked the whip a bit and encouraged them to push on through and finish.  I love their runners!

Barb’s pretty in blue, “Parquet Tablerunner” ~


Maridell’s Valentine candy, “Parquet Tablerunner” ~



Here’s mine that I made out of  Sweetwater fabrics ~

mine I’ll be using mine in my newly remodeled family room/personal studio.  Soft yellow’s, gray’s and blue with a touch of red or pink at times.  This fabric is PERFECT!

“Parquet Tablerunner” will be in a new book coming up!

Happy Stitching ~ Terri

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hello ~ my name is Joe!

Well it’s about time my grandma introduced me here.  She’s been helping care for me and taking all sorts of pictures so here goes~

My name is Joseph Emmett (Joe for short)

I ~ was born 5 weeks early ~ SURPRISE!!

    have blonde hair and blue eyes

love my big brother Sam (I look a lot like him)

grunt and squeak a lot

smell really good

really love being held while I sleep

don’t like having dirty diapers

don’t like having my diaper or clothes changed.  Exposure’s not my thing!

really don’t like baths!

Well that’s a little about me.  I’m thriving and adjusting to this, out of womb life.  Everybody seems to think I’m pretty perfect.  I’m sure you’ll hear more about me as I grow and change.  Grandma’s are kinda that way.


close up sleeping prtrait

Sleeping ~ one of my favorite things!

favorite 2 edited

I do have my awake times.  This was from my midnight photo shoot with Grandma.

toes closeup

Yes I have 10 toes and 10 fingers.


piggy back

This is my big brother Sam and I.  He loves me so much.

super close up

Nappy time again.  Signing off for now.

Thanks for visiting!

Blessings ~ Terri (and Joe)

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