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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Fabric Delivery!

I love it when that UPS guy comes in his big brown truck with a fabric delivery!  As you may know those of us in the quilting industry are insanely busy gearing up for International Quilt Market in May.  Yes I am one of those insane persons.

So today one of those boxxes arrived from EE Schencks full of Maywood fabric.  It's always an exciting moment!  For one - It's FABRIC!  Two - it means I'm much closer to FINISHING projects for market.

I'm excited about the new little patterns (Tiny Treasures) I'm releasing this spring.  One will be familiar to some of you but I'm introducing it to the rest of the world.  A pattern that my friend Amber Hiebert designed  I'm calling "Lil Punkins".  I was thinking they would be so cute in Maywood Studios "Woolies" amazing flannel.  I asked Gail at EE Schencks about getting some pieces to make the punkins out of, and this is what I got! (Actually that's about half of it)!

Gail's AWESOME!  She also sent me some little prints I requested to make samples of another Tiny Treasure (little cone trees).  Cute Cute! 

OK, back to work.  I've been on the computer writing patterns all week and I'm going to sit down and "grow" some Lil' Punkins this evening while watching the Trail Blazer game.  If it's their last, as we're fearing, it will be sad (and my son will be grumpy) but there's always next year!


Sunday, April 25, 2010


My daughter Bethany is the pet lover in our family.  She loves animals.  As she was growing up we always had cats.  She always wanted a dog so........... post college she bought herself her first pet.  Kindle!!

Kindle's baby picture

Kindle is a German Shorthair Pointer.  She's a kick!  I've never met a dog with so much personality.  She's very high energy.  Bethany trained her well, so for the most part she's very obedient.  Sometimes to the point of shaking while obeying (because she really has something else she'd like to do)!

I doggie sit while she and her hubby are away.  We have fun together.  She is obsessed with Balls!  If you have a ball, you WILL have her undivided attention.  NOTHING will distract her.  It's pretty amazing.

Kindle patiently waiting for someone to throw the ball

She is fixated on the ball.  She brings it to you, drops it and waits.  There are times when we are visiting and not paying attention to her, and we'll notice what you see above.  WAITING ~ please won't someone throw my ball? 

So that was a little history on Kindle. 

Bethany has been working for me part time while finishing her Masters degree in counseling. When she comes to work she often brings Kindle.  So last Thursday she and Kindle were here.  We had
A LOT to do.  I was trimming up a quilt and found a new use for those trimmings.  I doubled it up, tied 2 knots in it and voila' a dog toy.  We played tug of war and she ran around with it and chewed on it.  It actually held up pretty good!

Yes!  Piles of fabric in the background

Pretty Doggie

She also liked the core from a bolt of fabric.  She was so funny.  She ran around with it in her mouth like it was a stick.  Then proceeded to tear it apart.  She's so good to never touch anything that hasn't been given to her.  When you do give her something it's like WOO HOO!!

Bethany and Kindle

More on pets another time.  They are so entertaining!  Oh, by the way - since Kindle ~ Haz Mat, Roxy, and Indie have joined her family (that would be a cat and 2 horses) bet you anything there's more to come.  Good thing hubby Jeff loves them right along with her!

Do you have pets?  A funny story?  Leave a comment and tell us about them.

OK ~ better get back to writing.  It's been a weekend of writing.  I need to get booklets to the printer this week.  Yikes!

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Blessings ~ Terri


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sneak Peek!

I promised some peeks at the projects I've begun photographing for my new publications so here goes.....

Antique Rose

This quilt is made from a new line by Maywood Studio's called "Winter Whites Flannel".  It is so beautiful!  I love it.  I couldn't wait to use it.  I have two new patterns featuring this great flannel.  The second is "Polka Dots and Posies".  It hasn't be photographed yet so stay tuned.

The booklet will feature a 65" square, twin, full and queen sizes.

At Home ~ In The Kitchen

I'm beginning a new "At Home" series and projects for the kitchen will be the first in the series.  The booklet will include patterns for a tablecloth, tablerunner, placemats, wallhanging and two versions of the apron.  They're fun projects, great for your home or for gifts.

Cheeri ~ "O"
Five Fabulous Accent Quilts

Continuing the "Fab Five" Series I'll be releasing "Five Fabulous Accent Quilts".  They are one of my favorite sizes of quilts.  The five quilts are square and will range in size from 40" - 50".  Great for wallhangings, decorating, baby.... you name it.  The quilts are all different styles and will be photographed to suggest all the different options possible with this size of quilt. 

First in the "Fab Five" Series ~ "Five Fabulous Lap Quilts".

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Blessings ~ Terri

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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter!!

I'm sorry I've been away so long but I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Easter!  I hope it's a very special day for each and every one of you.  Since I didn't have time to put together a sweet little Easter Vignette to take a picture of for you for your blog Easter card, I'm going to show you the cutest thing I've seen in a long time--from a beautiful blog I visit occationally.  

Aren't they darling?

If you'd like to visit the blog it's Heather Bullard's blog if you scroll down a few posts there are other pictures of the chicks and their fancy new chicken coop.

Have a WONDERFUL day!  Check back often for peeks of all the new patterns I'm working on for quilt Market in May.

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Blessings ~ Terri