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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!

May your day be filled with happy thoughts of those you love!

The greatest love ~ For God so loved the world, that He gave his only begotten son, that whoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have eternal life.
John 3:16

Thanks for visiting.
Blessings ~ Terri

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Monday, February 8, 2010

Good Monday Morning!!

What Makes You Smile?

Here's a few thing that made me smile this morning~

~ daffodils in my kitchen window

 ~ a beautiful flower outside my window

~ primroses on the porch

~ the smell of winter daphne when I stepped outside

So now you know ~ FLOWERS ~ are one thing that make me smile!

Do you choose to surrond yourself with things that make you smile?  Why not put that positive spin on your day?  it can be such a simple thing ~  My daffodils came from good ol' Safeway when I was grocery shopping.  $3.99, I call that cheap cheer!  I bought three of these little guys and put them in my kitchen window.  $12.00 ~ cheaper than a bouquet and they will last longer!  Then if I put them in my garden they will give me flowers to pick in the coming years.  I call that a WIN ~ WIN!!

When the nurserys have the bedding plants $1.49 that's less than $5.00 to dress my kitchen window!  That makes me SMILE!

To much work and time you say ~ not at all!  I keep my eye out for containers that I can just drop the little plants into, plastic pot and all.  (I have ones that fit the 4", and 6" size containers).  I found a pot that would look nice in my kitchen and bought three of them.  They sit on my window sill and all I do is plop the plant, container and all into the pots and voila!  Instant SMILE in my kitchen!  When they get droopy I pick up three more little gems to brighten my day.  You'd be surprised what garden annuals you can bring in for a few weeks to brighten your window.  And trust me, the square little thin plastic containers the plants come in will cram into a round pot.  (Trust me, I've smooched them in!)


Please share (by leaving a comment) about what makes you smile.  We'll talk more about this in another post. 

I hope you'll think about what makes you smile and choose to surrond yourself with those "smile makers".  You and those around you will be all the better for it.

Thanks for visiting.

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Sunday, February 7, 2010

And the WINNER is ..........

Sorry this post is late.  I didn't get the winner drawn on the 1st!  Promise to do better next time.  Our winner of the "how do you organize your stash and project" contest is....(drum roll!!)  Kelli Bold!  Kelli wins the Valentine collection of Sweet Treasures patterns. 

Thanks to those who commented.  I enjoy hearing from you.  Remember ~ you're all winners!!  For more information on any of these quilts, click on the name and you will be redirected to its page on the Sweet Treasures web site.

Thanks for visiting.

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Monday, February 1, 2010

Quilt Retreat

As I mentioned in a previous post I attended a quilt retreat a couple weekends ago.  What a treat that was!  It's so great to get away with others who also love quilting.  My friend Judy Logsdon, won the grand prize from the Washington State Shop Hop last summer.  The prize was a retreat for herself and 10 friends at The Wild Rose Quilt Shop and Retreat in Orting Washington.  What a great prize!  And thanks Judy for inviting me.  I LOVED it!

OK~so I'm new to this blogging stuff.  HUGE note to self~ALWAYS have a charged camera battery.  I have pictures to share from the retreat but not all that I wanted to have.  Here's a little sampling of our retreat.  Be sure and read to the bottom of this post for a new gadget I LOVE!

~Judy/Vana, our hostess and a couple of her projects.


 ~Charming bedrooms

 ~ Ann my roomie in the adorable apron she made.

~Great workspace

The retreat center also had a nice, well equipt kitchen.  This place was designed by a quilter for quilters.  I was amazed at all the little details.  Anything you could need for your stay was there.  I would definately love to come back for another retreat.

I'm not a gadget girl.  So many times gadgets just aren't worth the cost and I hate spending money on a gadget that I don't end up likeing!  I'd much rather spend my money on FABRIC!  Diane had this wonderful gadget she made that was such a great idea.  LOOK ~

A chunk of 2 x 4 with a seam ripper placed in a drilled hole!  Oh my gosh this saved me so much time!  I had hundreds of little pieces I was chain pieceing.  I used this to cut all the little connecting threads and VOILA' all the pieces were separated and off I went to the next step.  You can put the cap on the ripper so you don't injure yourself.  Is this not a great idea?  Have you seen this before?  Boy I sure hadn't.  I think everybody needs one of these. What a time saver.  Thanks Diane!

If you haven't treated yourself to time away with friends or time doing something you love, make the effort, take the time.  It does a heart good and you'll be better (and those around you) for doing it.

Thanks for visiting.

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