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Thursday, September 23, 2010

“Summer Sky” Quilt

As you may remember I had the privilege of designing the quilt for Hollyhill Quilt Shoppe in Better Homes and Gardens Quilt Sampler magazine in May. “Summer Sky” is the name of the quilt.


I received an email from AnnMarie Cowley with a link to her blog Run and Sew Quilts where she has photo’s of the “Summer Sky” quilt she and her friend made for a raffle.  It’s beautiful!  They did a great job.  I love seeing what you all do with my patterns!  It’s so much fun and you have such great ideas. I really like the fabrics AnnMarie and her friend used.  The picture below is their quilt.  Click on the link above to see all the other pictures.


Summer Sky quilt

I love to see pictures of the quilts you make from Sweet Treasures patterns!  Send them any time you’d like!!  :-)

Blessings ~ Terri

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Portland Oregon Susan G. Kolman ~ Race for the Cure

A “Goose Bump” experience.  


A few weeks ago my son-in-law Jeff asked me if I would like to join his family in participating in the Race for the Cure in Portland.  I happily agreed to join them.  You see his mom was diagnosed with breast cancer 9 months ago.  She’s a “Tough Chick” and is doing great!  Surgery, chemo and 6 treatments of radiation left, she’s on her way to living the rest of her life as a cancer survivor.


IMG_2868 Jeff and Bethany picked me up and we headed for Portland

(1 hour north of us).




The Steiert family.  Lindsay, Gary, Pam (Jeff’s mom),

Jeff, my Bethany, and Tracy. 


IMG_2881 The start line.



40,000 people participated in the race for the cure event today!  There were different runs and a 5K walk to chose from.  There was a group of about 20 of us that chose to do the 5K.  (Which, as Jeff says, ended up being about a 10K with our walk to and from our parking space!  :-)

One of Portland’s local news stations is a big supporter of the race.  Here’s a LINK to their story.


IMG_2885 Pam with her daughters.

There were so many different people from so many walks of life all brought together for one cause.  United to fight this terrible disease.  Below is a group of pictures of participants, cheerleaders along the route, and some of the groups that were there.











The Finish Line!

As you approach the finish line there is a lane on the left for the Survivors to walk through.  As they pass through their name is announced and the crowd claps and congratulates them.

IMG_2901 Pam in Survivor lane.


I don’t know if you can tell or not but if you look at the left edge of this picture Jeff is clapping and cheering his mom on.  I think that’s what this day started out as for those of us in the Steiert group.  A chance to support and encourage Pam.  At least I know it was for me.  It turned into so much more.

As the byline of this post said, this was a “Goose Bump” experience for me.  First, the sheer number of people participating was incredible!  To think each one of them has been touched by this disease.  Second, hanging from many of the participants race numbers on their backs were signs that read “In Memory Of” or “In Celebration Of” with names written below.  Sooo personal.  Loved ones they had lost or were celebrating life with.  I remember 2 in particular.  I was behind a teenage boy who’s sign said “In Memory Of my Mom”.  Another woman was wearing a sign that said “In Memory Of my Mom and Sister”.  This really brings the event home and makes it so personal.

With all that said….  This event was so uplifting and encouraging.  Almost 20 years ago I lost my grandmother to breast cancer.  The incredible advances in detection and treatment are so encouraging.  And with the kind of support this cause is receiving, it’s only going to get better.  Hopefully someday this ugly disease will be no more!

Check out the Susan G. Koman for the Cure website for the many opportunities to support the cause.  If you can do a race for the cure I highly recommend it.  You will be changed forever.  I plan on being there next year and for many more to come!


Ending on a lighter note!

It felt like most people came in groups.  They got pretty creative naming their groups or coming up with themes.  Here’s a few we saw~

The Chest ~ Nuts

Our Cups Runneth Over

Betty’s Boobie Crew

Booty for Boobies (a Pirate group)

We Support Nancy’s Knockers


and Pam’s favorite ~

Boo!  Bee!

Pam’s thinking about being a Boo! Bee! at their Halloween party this year!  Go Pam!   Keep these brave women in your prayers, do your self exams, get your annual mammogram and support this battle one way or another.

Blessings ~ Terri

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