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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Photographing The New Releases

Many times when I talk about Sweet Treasures I’ll often refer to “we” or “our”…… even though I’m the name of Sweet Treasures there are so many other people who help me make it all possible.  There’s no way I could do it all myself.  One of those people is my fabulous friend and photographer Sue Keith.

I’ve known Sue for years. She’s a “get it done” sorta gal.  A few years ago when her daughter was in high school she saw a need for affordable, quality senior portraits so in true “Sue” fashion, she made it happen!  She bought the equipment and taught herself photography.  Well – check out her website and you’ll see ….. the rest is history (and some incredible portraiture). 

We had the pleasure of taking a little trip to Victoria BC in June where we photographed some of the quilts for my newest publications.  Thought you might like to see what our photo shoots for the quilts look like.

DSC_0182 Sue at work!

DSC_0192 Taking the shot.

D2X_0971 D2X_0965




Look at the INCREDIBLE quilting by my fabulous long arm quilter Loretta Orsborn!  She’s the greatest.  Loretta’s another one of those people that is truly part of Sweet Treasures designs.  More on her another day.

The pictures were taken at Beacon Hill Park in Victoria.  It’s a beautiful sprawling park in the middle of the city.  As we were walking down a path we noticed that in the grass along the path was a mama duck and nine fluffy little ducklings in two piles just sleeping away.  They didn’t care one bit about us.  We were much more enthralled by them.  Truly they could care less that we were there!  They were darling!

Mama duck and babies


Sue is very serious about getting the shot.

Don’t tell anyone but she had a little kau kau on the front of her vest.   Shhh

DSC_0195 In true Victoria fashion…..

This was a learning trip for me.  One of my goals for this summer is to begin REALLY learning how to take good pictures.  I’ve muddled through ok but I’d really like to be better - soooo this trip was my first lesson.  I bought a new camera and Sue taught me so much on our trip.  One of my covers actually features a photo I took! 

Stay tuned for introductions of all the new pattern releases!!

Thanks for visiting!!

Blessings ~ Terri

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