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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hawaiian Vacation

Wow!  Can't believe it's been a month since I've blogged!  Sorry to be away so long.

This month my kids and I took a vacation I've always wanted to take.  We cruised the Hawaiian Islands for my birthday.  This was truly a vacation of a lifetime.  I announced about a year ago that I really wanted to take this vacation together for the BIG birthday (30 of course).  I'm so thankful that schedules and life allowed everyone to come!  My sister, brother in law and nephew came to. 

I love to take pictures!  Here's some of my favorites~  Oh, and you'll get to meet the kids if you haven't yet! 

Hawaii Kids - Copy

Meet the kids ~ left to right ~ my oldest, Ryan with his wife Bethany and their baby (my first grandbaby) Sam ~ daughter and middle child, Bethany (yep we have 2 Bethany's) with her husband Jeff ~ and last but not least, my youngest, Jason.



My sister Brenda with hubby Dennis and son Steve.  I was so happy they could come.  I love vacationing with my sister!  They took the bike trip down Haleakala.  They had a blast.  This was Steve's favorite thing on the trip.


We began our trip in Honolulu.  We stayed a couple nights on Waikiki Beach at the Hilton Hawaiian Village.  Beautiful place!  I love Waikiki beach.  Yes it's busy but it's so tropical and beautiful.  Fun place to be.



One evening there were fireworks on the beach at our village.  It was amazing!  We were so close.  This is a shot from my sisters balcony.


Ryan and Sam having fun on the beach!



So that's what the Sand Man looks like!


Cutest little Beach Bum I've ever seen!


Naps were a challenge but Bethany tried to sneak them in wherever she could.


Just woke up from one of those naps.  He was on a beach in Kona conked out in his stroller.


Bethany and Jeff on a Kayaking trip in Kaui.  Mommy Bethany and I were also along on the trip.  Lots of fun and beautiful waterfalls on our hike after Kayaking.





Lots of fun card games while at sea.


Bethany and Jeff on the beach.


Brenda and Dennis on the Beach.  Dennis is an avid Skim boarder and LOVED the beaches and water! That's where you could find him most of the time.


I know this isn't a great picture but this is Lava flowing into the ocean at night (obviously).  It was so incredible to watch the Lava flowing into the ocean.  The only way to see this is by water.


We also cruised along the Na Pali coastline one afternoon.  It was a little foggy but beautiful anyway.




Got to get a couple cute faces in the pictures!




Sam playing with bucket

Sam was his happiest digging in the sand!


If I were a lighthouse I'd want to be this one!  Not fancy but living in Hawaii.


OK, so when you look back at photo's of an occasion or vacation is there ever anyone missing!  As I've been posting I realize there are hardly any pictures of Jason.  This is a common issue with this boy.  He avoids the camera.  If he can't avoid it then he must be goofy or just outright (in my opinion) wreck the picture.  He also had a torn rotator cuff while on vacation so that meant he didn't do as much either. 

Soooo here's two pictures that include Jason so you can get the picture.  (Pardon the pun).



In the airport ~ See what I mean!

IMG_2828 Gotta love that boy!

Thanks for taking this "vacation tour" with me.  We had a blast and I highly recommend cruising the Hawaiian Islands.


Aloha ~ Terri

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